New Slang

I sometimes use a few slang terms that are popular with my group of friends. I thought I’d list them here.

Owls – this means the same as ‘lol’. The progression was roughly lol, lawl, lawls, owls. Some have taken it further to jowls, but I like owls.

Qualifictions – invented by Adam Whitworth, these are “the qualifictions you just made up.”

Imersification – the ultimate state a gamer can enter, when his movements in the game are translated into real life. Once in this state, a gamer is said to be “imersified.” Examples here and here.

Wahjah – embarrassment by proxy.

Homo Erectus – the proper name for the position RTS PC gamers sit in, leaning forward in the chair with the mouse gripped tightly. Contrasts sharply with the Couch Potato console gaming stance.


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