What is CoHO?

CoHO, or Company of Heroes Online, is a MMO Real Time Strategy game developed by Shanda, a Chinese MMO company, in association with Relic. It’s still in Beta even in China, and so it’s virtually unknown to Western gamers. It’s basically a new lobby frontend for the original Company of Heroes, a Real Time Strategy game released by Relic Entertainment in 2006. The game is free to play, comes in Chinese orginally but can be changed to English, and is supported by microtransactions.

What havc you written?

Why do you write so much about it?

At first glance, it’s because I play quite a lot of it and I really enjoy it. More than that though, there’s very little information about this game in English anywhere on the Internet. Pyros at GameSpy wrote a guide on how to get the game working in English, and has a fledgling forum dedicated to it, but apart from that I haven’t seen anyone else writing about this game in any greater depth than an analysis of the press release. It’s my aim to inform Western readers about the game and its nuances, and hopefully encourage its release to a Western market. It’s also an excellent opportunity for me to attract readers by writing on a topic that is virtually uncovered anywhere else.


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