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Contest: Company of Heroes 2.501 Replay Pack

Post your replays and make some cash! There has been a dearth of replays, particularly replay packs, over the last few weeks. So, I call on you, good citizens of [my blog], with a challenge…

Go through your 2.501 replays, pick five or more games that exhibit great play, unique strategies, or good humor. These can be 1v1s, team games, or even Panzerkrieg matches. Post them in the replay pack forum. Whomever submits the best pack in terms of usefulness, hilarity, scale, scope, etc., will be awarded $30. All submissions must be in by Monday, the 20th of April.

Good luck everyone!


Guide: Tales of Valour

A Company of Heroes expansion pack called Tales of Valor came out recently, and many people have been asking me questions about it. I thought I’d cover some of the most commonly asked questions here.

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Guide: CoHO Points

Editor’s note: This piece details the highly involved process of buying points, the currency used inĀ  Company of Heroes Online, a Chinese-developed port of a popular Real Time Strategy game. Its publication on marked the first time anything I had ever written was ever published somewhere important. Original article is still here.

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