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New Warhammer 40k Title Announced: Space Marine

Relic/THQ has just announced it is developing a console action RPG in the Warhammer 40k, to be released next year on PS3 and Xbox 360. The game looks to be in the same third-person over-the-shoulder style of God of War. Like Dawn of War 2, it’ll also feature quite a few RPG elements like upgradeable wargear, but the emphasis is definitely on the action.

Eurogamer has an article up, and you can watch the trailer on THQ’s website — looks real nice.


Guide: Falaise Pocket, Trun: Swatting Flies

This is a strategy or walkthrough for beating the first mission in the Tales of Valor campaign Falaise Pocket, called Trun: Swatting Flies, which has you defending the town of Trun from a massive Allied invasion. Your objective in this first mission is to protect vulnerable Panzers from American armor and aircraft.

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Guide: Tales of Valour

A Company of Heroes expansion pack called Tales of Valor came out recently, and many people have been asking me questions about it. I thought I’d cover some of the most commonly asked questions here.

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Six Days in Fallujah: The Controversy

You’ve probably heard about Six Days in Fallujah, an upcoming tactical shooter produced by Atomic Games and set in the Iraq War. It centres on the battle for Fallujah, which was fought in late 2004 and left 38 marines and an estimated 1200 insurgents dead.

Just days after the announcement, it’s understandably got quite a reaction, with army veterans, their families and peace groups campaigning against the game’s release. Reg Keys, who lost a son in Iraq, says development of the game shows “very poor judgement and bad taste.” Peace group Stop The War Coalition said the conflict should be “remembered with shame and horror not glamorised and glossed over for entertainment.”

Others are hopeful that the game will show the realities of war, citing the thirty veterans serving as consultants on the game and Atomic’s stated dedication to providing a neutral and informative view of the conflict. The game has fuelled a frenzy of media coverage, certainly fulfilling Atomic’s wish for “people to talk about this.”

You may remember similar levels of coverage with another recent game: Resident Evil 5. The game’s first E3 trailer in 2007 was perceived by many to be racist, and later trailers didn’t do much to change that perception. The issue was discussed right until the release date, both in the gaming sphere and the world at large. That’s a level of mainstream coverage that you can’t buy, unless you’re Microsoft.

Regardless of developer intentions, Six Days looks to be heading in the same direction. It’s now Atomic’s duty to craft a fun and innovative game while staying true to their stated goals of realism and impartiality. Pulling off either of these is difficult enough, but achieving them both could result in a seminal game for the genre. It’s certainly a game to watch.

Review: Wheelman

Wheelman Review – William Judd – 497 Words – 7/10

Vin Diesel’s latest escapade into the world of gaming is Wheelman, and once again he’s produced a game that’s actually worth playing. A product of his Tigon Studios and Midway Newcastle, it’s an action movie in game form – lots of excitement and explosions with a brain-dead story occasionally getting in the way.


Your job is seemingly to cause as much mayhem and destruction as possible.

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Wallpapers: CoHO

Just did some CoHO wallpapers as I’m playing on a biggish screen for a change. All of these are copyright Shanda and/or Relic, I did not make them, I just took a screenshot and cropped it.

16:9. 1920×1080coho-header

16:10. 1680×1050, 1440×900, 1280×800.

4:3. 1400×1050, 1280×960, 1024×768, 800×600.

Weird. 1280×1024, 1024×600.

Guide: Installing CoHO

This is the registration process for Company of Heroes Online, a game co-developed by Relic Entertainment and Shanda, a Chinese MMO firm. For more information on Company of Heroes Online and how it differs from traditional Company of Heroes, see this post. Step by step instructions after the jump, as well as download links and information on changing the language from Mandarin to English.

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