TF2 Scout in L4D2 – More Info

Over the last few days, more details have emerged supporting my information that the Scout from TF2 will appear in L4D2 as an unlockable survivor.

Firstly, if you listen closely to the L4D2 announcement trailer, you can hear a ‘BOINK’ at exactly 54 seconds in as a survivor smashes down with the baseball bat — this is *exactly* the same sound as in TF2.

Secondly, someone (I think of TF2chan) has made this image. It shows that each of the characters in the game seem to have a close resemblance to classes in TF2. Of all of these, the Scout is the most convincing.

L4D2 / TF2 Overlay

L4D2 / TF2 Overlay

With such a close release date (November 17th), it’s easy to see why Valve is taking a few shortcuts in character design… Shortcuts that will allow seamless integration of the Scout into L4D2! The other unlockable survivors are still unknown at this point, but it seems that other TF2 classes would be obvious guesses. I’ve often wondered how TF2 would play co-op against a zombie hoard — maybe L4D2 will be my chance to find out!


2 responses to “TF2 Scout in L4D2 – More Info

  1. I made the wireframe photo and posted it on TF2Chan. Huzzah for it making it’s way here. 😀

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