Left 4 Dead 2 Announced, Scout from TF2 to feature

Valve just unveiled Left 4 Dead 2 at Microsoft’s E3 press conference. The game is coming out November 17th, and looks to feature melee weapons, new boss zombies, survivors, environments, and an upgrade to the AI Director.

I’ve just received word from a source close to the Valve team that they are looking to put the Scout from Team Fortress 2 as a hidden survivor in the game. The Scout will slot in seamlessly, with the following loadout:

Primary: Auto Shotgun
Secondary: Pistol
Melee: Baseball Bat

While this report has been unconfirmed for the moment, it does make perfect sense — with the addition of melee weapons (the Baseball Bat has already been confirmed), Left 4 Dead 2 is ready to accommodate this special guest.

It’s not known if Valve has any other plans at this time to include other hidden characters – perhaps Gordon Freeman from Half Life? Whatever happens, I can’t wait to see the Scout in action!


4 responses to “Left 4 Dead 2 Announced, Scout from TF2 to feature

  1. And it turns out L4D is actually part of the HL universe and completely screws up the storyline!

  2. This is hillarious.

    I bet Nathan was sad his character ‘died’, so he just wanted to be in the seccond one XD

  3. twentyskiptwo

    Guest survivors would be a brilliant move, possibly brilliant enough to help me forget that Left 4 Dead (the first) came out less than a year ago.

    They just need to let people know about said guests. The Scout makes sense, and Gordon would be hilarious.

    Super Left-4-Dead Bros. FTW

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