Guide: Tales of Valour

A Company of Heroes expansion pack called Tales of Valor came out recently, and many people have been asking me questions about it. I thought I’d cover some of the most commonly asked questions here.

What do I get if I buy Tales of Valor?

  • Three campaigns: Tiger Ace, Causeway, and Falaise Pocket. Each of the campaigns are three missions long, and take approximately an hour to complete each. All boast the new ‘direct fire’ feature.
  • Four multiplayer modes (or ‘operations’): Classic, Stonewall, Panzerkrieg, and Assault.
  • Four multiplayer factions: Americans, Brits, Wehrmacht, and Panzer Elite.
  • Nine new units for use in multiplayer.

What don’t I get?

If you don’t already own the original Company of Heroes and/or Opposing Fronts, then you won’t have access to their singleplayer campaigns.

Which Company of Heroes should I buy if I can only get one?

Tales of Valour is the best value if you are primarily interested in multiplayer. If you’re more interested in single player, I’d recommend the original Company of Heroes game.

What are each of the modes like?

  • Classic: The same multiplayer mode as found in the original CoH and the Opposing Fronts expansion.
  • Stonewall: A cooperative survival mode, where you fight waves of oncoming enemies and try to hold several strategic points.
  • Panzerkrieg: A tank battle mode, where two teams of up to three players compete to destroy each other’s tanks and hold points.
  • Assault: A mode similar to WarCraft 3 mod Defence of the Ancients, where you control one hero unit against streams of computer aggressors and the opposing team’s heroes.

What are each of the campaigns like?

  • Tiger Ace: This campaign has you commanding a single Tiger tank as you fight to take and hold the town of Villiers Bocage. Each of the four crew members in the Tiger have unique abilities that can upgrade.
  • Causeway: This campaign allows you to take and hold a Causeway against a wave of German forces using two airborne squads, Able and Baker. Each have unique abilities that you can choose to upgrade as you gain experience.
  • Falaise Pocket: This campaign has you defend the town of Trun against an Allied invasion using a combination of Panzer Elite and Wehrmacht units. You also have access to a wide array of doctrinal abilities from both factions. I’ve written a walkthrough for the first mission.

What multiplayer units do I get and how are they integrated into the game?

Each of the new units replaces an existing unit. Each faction gets two new units, except the Wehrmacht who also receive a reskinned Tiger Tank upon completion of the Tiger Ace Campaign. You can mix and match any combination of new and old units between games, so if you prefer an old unit to its newer counterpart you aren’t forced to use it. The new units, with the exception of the Tiger Tank 205, are statistically different and have different abilities to the units they replace. However, each fulfills approximately the same role.

The units you get are:

  • Americans: T17 Armored Car (replaces the M8), M18 Hellcat (replaces the M10).
  • Wehrmacht: Schwimmwagen Type 166 (replaces the Motorycle), Geschutzwagen (replaces the Stug IV), Tiger Tank 205 (replaces the Tiger).
  • British: Staghound Armoured Car (replaces the Cromwell Command Tank), Kangaroo Carrier (replaces the Cromwell Tank).
  • Panzer Elite: Schwimmwagen Type 128 (replaces the Kettenkrad), Hotchkiss Light Tank (replaces the Panzer IV Infantry Support Tank).

To see more detailed information on each of the new units, see the end of this page.

What is Direct Fire?

Direct Fire allows you to control an individual unit’s shots. You activate the mode by pressing the Direct Fire button (‘D’). Now, if you are controlling a turreted vehicle like a Tank, the turret will follow the cursor, which has changed into a scope symbol. You can click to fire, and right click to move. Once you fire, a progress indicator appears around the cursor letting you know how soon you can fire again. If you can’t fire at a target for some reason, the cursor will have a cross through it. It is roughly the same for infantry, except without the turret.

Where can I use Direct Fire?

Direct Fire can be used in the three Tales of Valor campaigns, and one multiplayer mode, Panzerkrieg.

What is the best place to buy Tales of Valor and how much can I expect to pay?

  • United States: Best Buy, Gamestop, or similar. $30.
  • United Kingdom: £20.
  • Online: Steam (£30), Impulse (£20).

What’s the deal with the patches?

The current patch is 2.501. You’ll need this version to play online. If you’ve bought Tales of Valor online and have the serial, you can just download the 2.500 and 2.501 patches then type in your serial when prompted. If you’ve bought a physical copy of Tales of Valor, then install the content on the disc (which is the 2.500 patch) and only download the 2.501 patch.

What exactly are each of the new units?

  • British Staghound Armoured Car (Command Tank): This is an armoured car, similar to the M8. It can deploy a .50 machine gun. It is effective against infantry and light armor. Once built, you can build Firefly tanks.
  • British Kangaroo Carrier (Cromwell Tank): The Kangaroo is an armoured but unarmed troop carrier, similar to a Panzer Elite Infantry Half-Track. It can carry up to 3 squads or 16 men, and one of these can fire from the top of the carrier while it is in motion.
  • American T17 Armoured Car (M8): The T17 is a slightly more armed and armoured M8 with the ability to blind enemy vehicles with White Phosphorus rounds. It also costs slightly more than an M8.
  • American M18 Hellcat (M10): The M18 is, confusingly, slower than the M10. It has the same AT gun, but gains the ability to use a .50 machine gun. It can also cloak.
  • Wehrmacht Tiger Tank 205 (Tiger): This is a reskinned version of the Tiger Tank with precisely the same statisics. It’s only unlockable after you complete the Tiger Ace campaign.
  • Wehrmacht Schwimmwagen Type 166 (Motorcycle): The 166 is like the Motorcycle, but slightly tougher, slower, and it can reverse. It can also travel faster through shallow water, but can’t swim.
  • Wehrmacht Geschutzwagen (Stug): This is a Marder III anti-tank gun on the chassis of the Hotchkiss Light Tank. It also carries a machine gun for anti-infantry duties.
  • Panzer Elite Schwimmwagen Type 128 (Kettenkrad): This small car can cap points, lay mines, and with the Scored Earth doctrine, scorch points from the beginning of the game.
  • Panzer Elite Hotchkiss Light Tank (Panzer IV Infantry Support Tank): This tank is similar in power to a Stuart and comes with Stuka artillery.

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2 responses to “Guide: Tales of Valour

  1. Very awesome review, thanks for all the info. Also, myself, CrazyAmerican and a few random guys played against you and two others whom had the word Velocity in their names. We barely won by 59 pts. it was a Panzerkrieg match. It was really fun. Hope to see you on the battlefield soon again! Take care!

  2. I’m CrazyAmerican btw. Not sure I worded that right.

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